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Honeymoon 02

6. května 2016 v 11:12 |  Překlady/Translations

Sam Winchester's family has been going to dinner. Jessica was pulling a long spaghetti out of gray plastic colander, and then she gave spaghetti on white porcelain plates. After that she pushed out of pan on spaghetti by ladle tomato sauce with bits of sausage and sprinkled cheese on top. Little Mary was already impatient, and she asked her father, who was on a laptop in the kitchen preparing for the final speech, why spaghetti called spaghetti, why not tubes, noodles, or snakes.

This beautiful evening tranquility was interrupted by an unexpected visit, Dean.

"Uncléééé," little girl squeaked and hugged Dean, barely he crossed the threshold of the kitchen.

"Hello, my golden-haired princess," He greeted her warmly. He stroked her head and slightly ruffled her fine long curly hair, which she obviously inherited from her mother.

"Brother, Jess," He nodded a greeting also to the rest of the family.

"Dean, what are you doing here? And how is Cas?" Sam began churn out of himself questions.

"Will you have dinner with us?" Jess asked him.

"No, thank you, I've come here in fact only pick dry bags, climbing harness, which Sam borrowed from me last week," her brother-in-law politely declined her offer.

"For heaven's sake, I'm sorry," Sam grabbed his head. "I totally forgot to it."

"That's okay, but now I need it," Dean shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah? Where are you going?" Jess said in surprise, while she served full plates on the table. She put Sam's plate in front of his laptop with complete indifference, if her husband will eat now, or wait until spaghetti get cold.

"I am going to the Austria as planned," Dean informed her.

"You are going to the honeymoon without bride, alone?!" Sam's wife gazed with surprise at him and her face was full of compassion. She took forks and spoons out of the drawer and placed it on the table. Finished, everyone could sit down at the table and Mary also climbed onto a highchair with the fact that tastes those "noodles with ketchup."

"It isn't honeymoon, but holidays and don't worry, I'm not going to go there alone. Cas is going to go with me," Sam's older brother said resolutely. He didn't like, when somebody repented him. He already was looking forward into Austria and long time it has been paid. He wasn't foolish enough to annul it and threw all the money into the air. No, certainly not with the salary auto mechanic which he had. Maybe if he had a salary such as Sammy, or Cas, he thought otherwise. In addition, it wasn't necessary to be afraid, that he will think about Lisa, why she left him, and what could be if, when he will have another different company. About it Dean was convinced, or at least he believed in it.

"Ohhh, Uncle Dean and uncle Cas are going on a trip together," Mary shrieked excitedly. She always said "uncle" both of them, as to Dean as well Castiel, though only Dean was with her so relationally linked. But for this little girl it seemed, that it didn't have meaning. She saw Dean and Cas roughly as frequently and usually together.

"Mary, what did we say about unwashed hands? Go and wash them first, before you start to eat," Jess admonished her daughter. Of the girls a bit enthusiasm subsided, she pursed her pink lips, but then she obeyed her mother and went in direction into bathroom.

"Of course, Cas is going with you," Jess nodded, as if she confirmed something by that.

Sam couldn't help himself and he sighed. He ran his fingers through his long brown hair. "The guy really can't say to you NO," he murmured.

"What?" Dean uncomprehendingly widened his eyes.

"Nothing!" Sam and Jess replied in unison.

"Dinner get cold," Sam's wife reminded boys and that was instruction, in order to Sam gave to Dean the things, which he wanted, and they went to eat.


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