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Honeymoon 03

27. května 2016 v 12:17 |  Překlady/Translations

I would like to thank "gmbygrl" for the assistance with the translation to English.

The journey was long and exhausting. When they arrived at the hotel, they felt like that they had broken every bone in their body. Castiel's hair was disheveled more than usual, his suit was completely rumpled, but still looked pretty damn attractive. When Dean looked at Castiel, he wondered, if Cas had something else then his bloody suits, because until now Dean didn't realize that, he had never seen that his friend was wearing something other than business suit.

The owner of a small guest house, where Dean had paid for their accommodation, welcomed them with all the charms of Austrian hospitality and enthusiasm. She showed them their room, dining room and informed them about when breakfast would be. She finally closed it with the wishes of a pleasant stay and nice honeymoon. Dean cursed the fact, that when he was ordering this hotel and foolishly thought, that he would be here with Lisa, he said landlady about what kind of holiday it is. Now the Austrian woman apparently thinks that Cas is his husband. Dean wanted to explain the situation, but before he could stammer a sentence out in his broken German, Castiel simply thanked her and he took the keys from Frau Gabriele. Didn't he understand all, what landlady said, Dean did and he knew only a few words, including "Danke"? Or did he understand all of it, but decided that he wouldn't complicate things and he let her think what she wants?

Their room had a slanted roof, quite small, but it was cozy with a huge bed, where the two men could rest and not be afraid to have some physical contact during the night. Immediately they collapsed on this bed, tired after a long trip. Dean soon fell asleep and woke up the next day for breakfast.


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faajn blog:)

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[1]: Děkuji :-)

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