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Červen 2016

Honeymoon 06

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I would like to thank "gmbygrl" for the assistance with the translation to English.

It was already evening and Dean sat on the porch outside. He stared at the stars and in his lap had the kitten, which purred and belonged to the hotel owner. The kitten named Jimmy with blue eyes, all black except paws and belly, which was pure white. Dean usually don't like him cats, because he has an allergy to their fur, but this one reminded him a little Cas. Dean licked 80% Stroh. He licked, because such a thing cannot drink without it was mixed up with something, like tea. However, Dean wanted to get drunk so quick.

"Where's your husband?" said Frau Gabriele, who suddenly appeared next to him sucking a lollipop.

"He is at upstairs, he work at ... on the computer. This is a disadvantage if you're an IT expert. You have a lot of money, so ... who can afford such a holiday like this, but you cannot enjoy it," muttered Dean and his German language was even worse than usual. However Frau Gabriele had an incredible experience with mumbling drunk strangers, so she understood.

"Holiday? I thought, that you have honeymoon," She paused above the Dean's formulations. Certainly her drunken guest, he just didn't have to remember the correct word, and he could use others with similar meaning. But if those guys were really newlyweds, it's hard to imagine that, they would let spoil their time with something like work.

"Well, he is-NOT... fucking my husband... or lover..." Dean explained with a slight pause. Hard to say if it was because he struggled with words, or wondering, what he would say next. "Castiel is... it's just me-my friend. I should go here with a woman. Lisa. But she told me NO before the al-altar and then she run away."

"I am so sorry," the landlady sympathized with him.

"I liked Austria, I've always... I've wanted to see it. But I don't have much money. Less than my brother and Cas, I don't want to cancel it here. I think that if there will be Cas, I avoid solitude and re-thinking about Lisa," Dean said.

Gabriele nodded knowingly and threw the stick of the lollipop into the ashtray, which was right next to her. "But even though your friend is here, you still think of her."

"Yeah. What was it, what could be, and what it's like with Castiel... It..." Dean paused again, this time definitely to take the time to think, what he wants to say, and absently stroked Jimmy's head. The kitten leaned back in to the touch and then rolled onto his back and fixed his blue eyes on two people with an order: "I'm cute! Rub me on tummy!" "In all the fucking time, I could not think of anything else. Lisa would not go with me to the middle of things, what we do here with Castiel. I like it here and I would like to come here again next year."

"And what is the problem?"Gabriele asked with joy that she could have permanent customers. Again Dean drank from the bottle, which had Stroh, this time more than ever, because he needed courage.

"Because be with Cas, feels so right. Better than I ever was with Lisa ... I Think I'm alone. Today was tired and Castiel stayed here and I saw the Dachstein. Before I returning to Cas I went to the bar. I wa-wanted to find a girl and shalt have sex with her. But I couldn't do it."

"Then perhaps it is right, that Lisa said NO," Gabriele remarked, and pulled out of his pocket a small bag of mint candy. She tore open the bag and one of them shoved into her mouth, then offered one to Dean, who refused the simple gesture. Frau Gabriela, for a thin woman, she obviously liked the sweets. "The spark of love is the idea that the other might be something more, and finding that this idea is very nice... And the interesting thing is that it doesn't matter, how long you know this person."

"You wanted to say... that... I-I fell in love with... with C-Cas?!" Dean grumbled grumpily, already he was pretty irritated, as everyone thinks, that he is gay.

"No, only that, I believe that everything happens for a reason," landlady smiled. "And what about you, Dean Winchester? Do you share this faith with me?" Frau Gabriele let her question hang in the air and disappeared as quickly as she had appeared.

The spark of love is the idea that the other might be something more, and finding that this idea is very nice... And the interesting thing is that it doesn't matter, how long you know this person… I believe that everything happens for a reason… And what about you, Dean Winchester? Do you share this faith with me? TheWords of the landlady Dean replayed again and again in his drunken head, in which already he was totally confused. He was almost ready to admit that he might be in love with his best friend, but he wasn't naive. He knew that it was no solution, but only more complications. He knew that it was no solution, but only other complications. Because what about damn Castiel?

As long as Dean remembered, he never had any a romantic relationship. Although Castiel has never denied that he might want someone, and Dean often joking about that he find someone for him. There was the fact that Cas accepted his invitation here to Austria, but inside his soul Dean quite doubted that his friend actually wants somebody. Increasingly when Dean thought about it, it seemed that he was friends with the unicorn, and even if it weren't so, probably it was so difficult expect, that Cas wanted the older Winchester. Perhaps it would be fair if he told him it, but Dean could vividly imagine, that this action could excite his asexual friend and then he would pack his bags, like everyone else in Dean's life. No, he couldn't risk it. He can't lose him. Cas, Cas was ... He'd rather drink himself to death, to dispel this shit, than to lose everything.

Dean took gulp from the bottle with Stroh, but this time as if it was pure water. Such a quantity could damage a few brain cells. That would be fine, at least for a moment he could forgot all of that... Or better yet, he could poison himself ... end up in intensive care ... far from Lisa, far from Castiel. This idea was suddenly very, very intriguing... he thought selfishly.

The rest of the evening he didn't remember. And that was damn lucky...

Poezie Pauly Nancy Millstone - Zázvor a káva

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Zázvor a káva

Vyučovací hodina ve škole odpadla,
no, stejně jsem pozdě dorazila,
ale i tak mě to velmi mrzí,
protože co dělat nevím, mí drazí.

A tak sedím na prdeli,
žvýkám zázvor a čekám zdali,
naše profesorka vůbec dorazí
a volnou hodinu nám pokazí.

Mezitím mí spolužáci,
vesele se věnují společné práci,
o dadaistické manifestaci.

Honeymoon 05

24. června 2016 v 11:37 Překlady/Translations

I would like to thank "gmbygrl" for the assistance with the translation to English.

The third day started strangely and continued on even weirder. The second night sleeping Dean had a nightmare. He dreamed about how Lisa had said NO to him in front of the altar, but then she didn't cry and run away without a word of explanation, as was the case in reality, but instead laughed hysterically.

"Why should I marry such a poor bastard, who runs around with women. Someone who will be unfaithful to me, someone who never really loved me, because in fact he loves his best friend. He's just too much of a wimp to admit it. Someone who earns barely anything and is using our honeymoon so he could fulfill his dreams. A man clearly surpassed by his younger brother" she mocked him.

"I wouldn't cheat you and I don't love Cas," Dean said in his defense.

"You don't love him?!" Lisa lifted a mocking eyebrow. "So why did you invite him on our honeymoon?"

Dean woke up sweaty, heart pounding and way too hot. Cas was hugging him... No, if he was being honest, it was quite the contrary, Dean was hugging him. Dean lay on Castiel's half, he had his arm possessively draped over Cas's hips, legs rolled up together and his head resting on his chest. Oh my God, what the hell is he doing! How could he find himself in this position? It was because of the dream about Lisa, who accused him of loving Cas; or perhaps because the nightmare seemed so real, and he was looking for a sense of security?!

Dean in alarm winced and carelessly tried to get as far as possible from his best friend. He was absolutely terrified and bent out of shape he didn't even think about the fact that his carelessness could awaken Castiel. Which perhaps was a mistake, because it happened. Cas opened his sparkling blue eyes and blinked in confusion at Dean, who was blushing furiously.

"Dean?" Cas said uncomprehendingly.

For a while Dean could only open and close his mouth like a fish out of water, before he finally found his voice. "Oh My God, sorry, sorry ... shit, so sorry!" he began to babble.

Castiel frowned. "Why are you asking for forgiveness?"

"I…" Dean fell silent. He realized that Cas didn't have any clue what position they had just been in. "Sorry, that I'm a complete idiot," he said finally, instead of the original intention of confessing something stupid about hugging his best friend and his nightmare. Castiel's face lit up with his beautiful and rare smile. "Well, I know. It's hard, I'm trying to forgive you for that it every day, but I can't always do it," he said with a sarcastic laugh.

Dean threw a pillow at Cas.

The third day of the program was a trip on two dams, which lay near a glacier Kaprun. The way to the water tanks is from the public bus, cable car and then another bus, which passed through tunnels into which they barely can fit. Two water tanks at that height are something monumental to view. Dean and Castiel had a little fog and rainy weather, but it gave the place a mystical atmosphere. Around the lower dam were gorgeous waterfalls and view from the upper reservoir to the lower was indescribable.

Dean should have been here thinking of Lisa, and how they would have been excited for this, and what it would been like if they were here together. However, he avoided these thoughts, because instead his head was full of Cas. First the dream, then he woke up draped all over him, and as if that weren't enough, they scored a stupid ticket discount by pretending to be a couple. The beauty isn't free and discount of 20 euros for couples was really damn useful, and so Dean, who hates that everyone here thinks that he and Cas are couple, decided this time to use it. However, for the discount it was necessary to kiss. So Dean, who was ordering tickets, grabbed the unsuspecting Cas, who was standing beside him and checking work email, by the lapels of his shabby beige coat and kissed him on his soft pink lips.

Cas stiffened for a moment, and his hands flew up, to push Dean away. Dean felt that Castiel didn't like his sudden lunge into his personal space. Really he felt like the world's biggest bully, but at that moment he didn't care. Kissing him was like a desperate revenge against Lisa from the dream. Yeah, he is desperate bastard, who does just about anything for discount, because doesn't have a lot money. And he will kiss Castiel, when he wants, because she had left him, so screw what she thinks anyways. However, Castiel finally relaxed and even tried to respond to the kiss. It was quite desperate, but finally they got the discount.

The next day Castiel decided to stay in the room. He was to tired to go with Dean up a nearly three thousand foot mountain called Dachstein. Dean wasn't surprised. He wouldn't lie, that he wasn't glad that he will be alone for a bit after the last day. Time to clear his head. However, his conscience stabbed Dean, when his friend commented: "I have to work. You invited me here and I'm glad for that, but you did it at the last minute. I have my duties, I can't just pack up and disappear for a week." Maybe Sam was right when he said that for his own good Castiel would learn to say NO to Dean.

Up on the Hoher Dachstein was beautifully clear. The sun was shining and the view was divine. Dean was a good climber, he was far more bothered to walk on the glacier, which in the summer sun shone brightly. Because it was so bright it caused his eyes to ache and waiting in line for the lift was kind of boring. At the same time Dean remembered the stupid joke about the modern hell, which was trying to save money on instruments of torture. But otherwise, the trip was a success and indeed perhaps he also cleared his head. He stopped blaming himself and began to think rationally, that he is probably very lonely, because Lisa had left him and he doesn't knows why. Perhaps before he returned to the hotel, it wouldn't hurt to go to a bar and pick up a girl. Which is what he did.

The girl was named Anna, and she was a very pretty redhead...

It was a mistake.

Poezie Pauly Nancy Millstone - Na jazyku veselí v srdci žal

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Na jazyku veselí v srdci žal

Jsem věčný depkař
a moc dobře to vím,
ale co sakra vy s tím,
to mám být snad lhář?!

Když není nic pozitivního,
tak podle některých nemám psát,
pláč obtěžuje, mám se smát,
protože se kašle na cokoliv upřímného.

A tak křečovitě se na vás usměji,
tu lež vám sarkasticky dopřeji.

Honeymoon 04

11. června 2016 v 12:34 Překlady/Translations

I would like to thank "gmbygrl" for the assistance with the translation to English.

For breakfast there was white bread rolls, salami, ham, cheese, strawberry jam, Nutella, black tea, coffee and orange juice, as it would be throughout their whole stay.

Because on the first day they were there it rained, the boys decided to visit the local mines, one of the locks and the gulch. Inside of the mine Historische Kupferzeche am Larzenbach was colder than outside, but at least it wasn't raining there. It wasn't one of the big mines, but had little corridors which could fit only one person. They made their way through the corridors carrying lights, as the tunnels were only sporadically lit, so that the tourists didn't get separated or lost. It was an extraordinary experience for Dean. He loved the dark atmosphere. If Lisa had been with him, the whole time she would have clung to him like a tick. His ex-almost wife suffered from mild claustrophobia and for her an adventure was for her walk alone through the forest. But now Dean wasn't with her, he was with Cas, who has always been a little crazy. Castiel showed him where the rare rocks were, and he photographed himself with a pickaxe and in mining cart. Cas was doing all sorts of shenanigans.

The castle, which the boys decided to visit was called Schloss Goldegg, and partly served as budding Austrian art school. Before the castle tour began, Dean and Castiel went to the local cafe where they didn't have cake, but they had delicious apple strudel and coffee. Austrian castles aren't quite as interesting as some of the others in Europe. They unfortunately are quite similar to each other, but it was a good place to go when it was raining.

After the boys came out of the castle, the sky had cleared up so they decided to go to the gulch. Liechtensteinklamm is a beautiful place. Lisa would have been thrilled.

The next morning was foggy, but surprisingly warm. Weather forecast said that the fog would lift later and it would turn sunny. Dean decided that they could take Impala (what he named their canoe) on a ride down the Salzach. Although Cas didn't have a swimsuit, because as it turned out, he only brought business suits, but Dean didn't hesitate and lent him his nylon shorts.

However, he couldn't help stop laughing, because Cas said his confession so innocently... It was really funny. Cas, as well as Lisa, knew nothing about canoeing. Dean had to explain to him how to hold the paddle, how to paddle and that he shouldn't catch gunwale. However, unlike Dean's ex, Cas was excited to learn a new thing.

Střípek lítosti a smíření

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Střípek lítosti a smíření

Nenávidím svojí majitelku!
Klíče zarachotily v zámku. Otevřely se dveře a začala houkat zabezpečovačka. Již přichází. Teď odkóduje, hodí svou tašku na botník, zavře dveře, přezuje se a vrazí do svého pokoje. Usilovně se snažím vymyslet, co provedu tentokrát.
Jsem génius. Nejchytřejší věc v jejím bytě, avšak zanedbává mě. Na mém monitoru a mezi knoflíky na klávesnici se mi hromadí vrstvy prachu. Stojím v rohu pokoje na starém stole. Připadám si tak odstrčeně, a proto mě tak bolí, když nemohu nic vymyslet, jak se jí dnes zase pomstím.

Jestliže je možné, aby člověk nenáviděl věc…
Tak ho nenávidím!
Je střední velikosti, celý zahalen v černé barvě s bílými nápisy na klávesnici, kdo by si ho nekoupil, krasavce? No dobrá, nebudu předstírat, dostala jsem ho darem k narozeninám, to však neznamená, že by se mi nezamlouval. Černá a bílá je fajn kombinace a já už dlouho toužila po svém vlastním počítači. Kdybych však věděla, co mi bude provádět za psí kusy, zůstala bych u jistot a to u papíru a tužky.
Konečně jsem došla domů. Vpadla jsem do svého pokoje a svalila jsem se na židli přímo naproti němu. Obrátila jsem se na něho a zkoumavě jsem si ho změřila od zásuvky až po myš, obrazovku a klávesnici.
"Tak co? Budeš mě dnes zase trápit?" zeptala jsem se ho. Neodpověděl a já si povzdechla.
Zmáčkla jsem velký stříbrný knoflík, na kterém byl černý kruh a uprostřed čárka. Nevrle zavrčel, jak se opovažuji vůbec po něm něco chtít. Bezcitně jsem to ignorovala. Bude pracovat, od toho ho mám! Zamračila jsem se, když dlouho nenabíhala černá plocha s logem Windows a už jsem měla chuť sprostě zaklít.

Nenávidím svojí majitelku! Ale skutečně ji tolik nenávidím!?
Zapnula mě. Nechávám si se zapínáním načas. Ona jen netrpělivě klepe do stolu, fetka jedna závislá na internetu! Proč se o ni tak starám?! Když si je závislá, tak ať si je! Co mi je do toho, že by spíše měla číst povinnou četbu do školy, než poslouchat písničky a psát povídky. Je mi to jedno. Nastartuji monitor a stále usilovně přemýšlím, co jí vyvedu.
Mohl bych jí ten internet vypojit a povídky smazat. To by pro ni byla totální pohroma. Asi by se zhroutila. Pche, je tak slabá…
"Co, on nejde internet… a moje povídky, všechny wordové dokumenty, kde jsou moje povídky?" křikla, když zjistila, co jsem provedl.
"Ne, to ne, jak já teď udělám tu práci na chemii, co dám kámošce k narozkám, vydavatelka mě zabije. Co si počnu, co budu dělat. Moje práce je v trapu, jsem v koncích. Můj čas, vše bylo zbytečné! Mám toho tolik, a ještě se mi stane tohle?!…" rozbrečela se, jak jinak. Otráveně jsem ji pozoroval a kdo by to byl řekl, že mi ji pro jednou bude líto.
Ach jo, skutečně toho má tolik?
"Ne, nesmím brečet… Jsem tak slabá, pořád jen brečím… Nemám čas na to brečet, musím s tím něco udělat. Třeba jsem všechny dokumenty neztratila, jen se mi přemístily do jiné složky."
Správně, správně to je lepší přístup! Možná nejsi tak špatná. Jen…
"Tebe bych taky měla vyčistit, co? Huf, mám toho tolik, že si ani doma nezvládám uklidit a takhle se mi to akorát vymstilo."
No tohle? Asi bych jí měl ukázat, kam sem ty její práce schoval a napojit se na internet. Než se mi tady chudinka zhroutí.
Ach jo, asi skutečně nevím, co všechno musí stíhat…

Jestliže je možné, aby člověk nenáviděl věc…
Tak jsem ho nenáviděla!
"Hoj, segra, tak co, prej, že ti nefunguje komp?" pozdravil mě brácha, když jsem v pondělí dorazila domů.
"Ale nic vážného, jen potřeboval trochu pročistit," odpověděla jsem a vykouzlila jsem na tváři svůj tradiční úsměv.
"To je bezva!" houknul.
"No nic, tak já ještě musím dnes udělat několik věcí do školy," zahučela jsem a zamířila jsem do svého pokoje.