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Honeymoon 04

11. června 2016 v 12:34 |  Překlady/Translations

I would like to thank "gmbygrl" for the assistance with the translation to English.

For breakfast there was white bread rolls, salami, ham, cheese, strawberry jam, Nutella, black tea, coffee and orange juice, as it would be throughout their whole stay.

Because on the first day they were there it rained, the boys decided to visit the local mines, one of the locks and the gulch. Inside of the mine Historische Kupferzeche am Larzenbach was colder than outside, but at least it wasn't raining there. It wasn't one of the big mines, but had little corridors which could fit only one person. They made their way through the corridors carrying lights, as the tunnels were only sporadically lit, so that the tourists didn't get separated or lost. It was an extraordinary experience for Dean. He loved the dark atmosphere. If Lisa had been with him, the whole time she would have clung to him like a tick. His ex-almost wife suffered from mild claustrophobia and for her an adventure was for her walk alone through the forest. But now Dean wasn't with her, he was with Cas, who has always been a little crazy. Castiel showed him where the rare rocks were, and he photographed himself with a pickaxe and in mining cart. Cas was doing all sorts of shenanigans.

The castle, which the boys decided to visit was called Schloss Goldegg, and partly served as budding Austrian art school. Before the castle tour began, Dean and Castiel went to the local cafe where they didn't have cake, but they had delicious apple strudel and coffee. Austrian castles aren't quite as interesting as some of the others in Europe. They unfortunately are quite similar to each other, but it was a good place to go when it was raining.

After the boys came out of the castle, the sky had cleared up so they decided to go to the gulch. Liechtensteinklamm is a beautiful place. Lisa would have been thrilled.

The next morning was foggy, but surprisingly warm. Weather forecast said that the fog would lift later and it would turn sunny. Dean decided that they could take Impala (what he named their canoe) on a ride down the Salzach. Although Cas didn't have a swimsuit, because as it turned out, he only brought business suits, but Dean didn't hesitate and lent him his nylon shorts.

However, he couldn't help stop laughing, because Cas said his confession so innocently... It was really funny. Cas, as well as Lisa, knew nothing about canoeing. Dean had to explain to him how to hold the paddle, how to paddle and that he shouldn't catch gunwale. However, unlike Dean's ex, Cas was excited to learn a new thing.


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1 Fredy Fredy | Web | 11. června 2016 v 14:22 | Reagovat

ahoj, pěknej blog, zvu tě na svůj :-)

2 Leri Goodness Leri Goodness | Web | 11. června 2016 v 17:20 | Reagovat

Very nice must be great adventure, I would like to visit similar place like this! :)

3 jajafilm jajafilm | Web | 16. června 2016 v 17:43 | Reagovat

[1]: Děkuji :-)

[2]: Thank you, I'm glad you liked my article. :-)

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