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Honeymoon 07

21. srpna 2016 v 12:50 |  Překlady/Translations

I would like to thank "gmbygrl" for the assistance with the translation to English.

Dean woke up with a terrible headache upstairs in their marital bed, with absolutely no idea how he got there. For now, he was interested in only one thing, a nonalcoholic drink. He needed to quench this terrible thirst, and squish the abominable taste of vomit that he had in his mouth.

He staggered out of bed and grabbed a bottle of mineral water, which lay conveniently on the nightstand. He screwed off the cap and began to greedily drink, when Cas came out of the bathroom. He had dark circles under his eyes, which couldn't have been missed due to his white skin. The tiredness and lack of sleep were visible on him. He was wearing a clean shirt with pants, and if Dean had to guess, he would said that Castiel had changed his clothes right now.

He looked at him from head to toe and then said: "So our Sleeping Beauty woke up!" He walked up to him and just punched him.

"Shit!" Dean croaked.

"For you, the one punch is little, don't make a scene," Castiel said harshly.

Damn, Dean often forgot that this gently, calm guy, easygoing IT expert in his free time he practiced historical fencing and had a black belt in karate. He could beat the hell out of a man, if he wanted to. "Cas, what are you..."

"What am I doing? What are you doing! Did you try drinking yourself to death yesterday, or what!?" Dean's best friend angrily growled. Yelling and screaming didn't belong in his nature, but he had spent the whole night with a vomiting Dean, his patience was stretched thin.

"And if I did, who the fuck cares? Who would care about such a wretch, an asshole, like me?!" Dean snapped in return. That comment earned him another blow to the nose, this time he fell back on the bed.

"What about Sam, Mary and Me?" Castiel tried to remind him.

However, Dean had in his mind only a one name. "But Lisa..."

"Dammit Dean! Forget the bitch, who was cheating on you with some random guy in a bar! When when you were engaged, no less, and she didn't have the courage to tell you it and cancel the wedding!" Cas was spitting every word out of mouth, hatred of Dean's ex-almost wife outright pouring from him.

Dean's eyes widened in surprise. "What? How... How do you know?" he asked, still processing what Cas said, not able to fully accept, what he had suddenly been told.

Cas sighed, and sat on the bed next to Dean. "Because after the ceremony, I found her and forced her to explain it to me," He admitted. "I couldn't let her just disappear without a word."

"When you said cheated, you meant..." Dean tried to understand it.

"She cheated on you and got pregnant. I think that she couldn't lie to you for the rest of the time you'd be together, that the child was yours. But neither did she have the strength to tell you the truth," Cas said.

"Jesus, Holy cow," Dean cursed and covered his face with his hands. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"Would you have listened to me?"

"I don't know," Dean admitted.

"Dean, please stop wallowing in self-hatred, if not for yourself, then at least for me. You shouldn't worry about someone like her's opinion, she isn't worth it..." Castiel asked him, but before he could say everything, what he had wanted, Dean interrupted his speech.

"But I wasn't drunk because of her, but because of you," As he spoke, he realized his mistake. However, the words couldn't be taken back. His secret didn't last long. Never talk about such serious things, when you have a dreadful hangover.

"Because of me?" Cas frowned. Dean didn't answer. He didn't want to speak, but his perceptive friend anyway understood. "I will never leave you."

Dean took his hands hands from his face and looked into those sky blue eyes. "Do you promise?"

"I promise," Castiel said with seriousness, determination, and such love and devotion that Dean had had to ask himself, how is it that he hadn't noticed before. How is it that he never realized, why his friend still isn't with someone, and why he could never tell him NO? And he smiled.




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